Tips For Making Friends In School

Going to school can be fun, exciting and lead to a lifetime of experiences you may have never even dreamed up.  While going to school you will come across a lot of people that you like and a few that you don’t.  Learning to make friends, even at a christian elementary school in florida, can be hard to do.  Here are some tips that you can teach your kids or follow yourself to make friends.

Don’t be shy

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Being shy is natural in new situations.  For some people it comes more naturally than others which is understandable, however, encouraging your children to take a chance and see what happens is a good mindset to have.  There is a difference between being cautious and not rushing into dangerous situations and taking a chance to say hi to someone new and see how the conversation goes.

Find a similar interest

When in school we are going to be exposed to a lot of different situations.  Finding a similar interest can be a great ice breaker for many kids.  In school we are often given group projects to complete.  These projects allow us to communicate with students, ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other.  When we do this on a regular basis, we are opening ourselves up to different people, ideas and situation.  From these we can start to build friendships and relationships.

Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to break the ice.  When we ask someone a question about a specific topic, we are starting the conversation.  As the conversation progresses new questions are asked, a dialog is formed, and friendships and relationships will follow.

Take a chance

No matter what you do or where you think you are going take a chance.  Take a chance to see what happens and don’t let fear stand in your way.  You can make friends easily if you just take the first step and say HI.